Frequently Asked Questions

I'm hearing beeps when I click the description label next to the Play button. Is this a bug, or is this by design?

This feature is by design. For technical users, BeepChecker has a double verification hidden feature: clicking the Play button will play the corresponding beep sound using the Windows native API, while clicking the description label will play the beep using a .NET Framework class. (Nevertheless, the beep should sound the same. If it doesn't, the PC configuration is worth investigating, and Microsoft Support is worth informing.)

How can I find the version number of the program? I see no About button or menu item.

BeepChecker is too tiny and minimalist to have an About dialog box. Seriously. To learn about the program and download the latest version, simply click on the link label in the top right corner of the window. To find out the version number, simply hover your mouse over the link. The full version and build number will be displayed in the window title bar.