DefectPX allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors. Useful to test monitors before purchasing, or during the warranty period. DefectPX comes with multi-monitor support, and a very intuitive interface. Free and open-source!

DefectPX: easily check for dead or defective pixels


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    DefectPX permits straightforward dead, defective, or stuck pixel detection. … The interface is simple and intuitive, making it of use to any user who wants to ensure their LCD monitor is up to snuff.

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    A small but very useful application which allows you to easily check for dead or defective pixels on LCD monitors.

    Cristian Sarasanu, Editor

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    ... noticing dead pixels is not going to feel good. DefectPX can help you avoid such issues by detecting dead or stuck pixels, before or after the acquisition.

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    This small tool is completely portable and does not require any installation, so just run the program; optionally you can also download the installer which lets you install this program like any other software.

  • List of Freeware

    DefectPX is another simple application to find a dead pixel. Simply launch the application and click anywhere on the screen to change the color.

    Nishant Gola, Author

  • JeTelecharge

    Easily detect a faulty or dead pixel on an LCD screen. The tool displays a black, white, red, green, blue or whatever color you want in full screen to see a defective pixel on the LCD.

    translated from French

  • Prim hírek

    One of the diseases of LCD monitors is the pixel defect, which can be easily filtered out with this small program.

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