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With PenaltyFlip it's easy to choose between multiple penalty card colors. Show a red card for ejection and personal embarrassment, or a yellow card as a warning and a second chance. Show a blue card to make him/her stay in a penalty box, a green card to indicate an official warning for a minor offence, a white card to give a timeout penalty, or a black card for severe rule infractions.

Time to show the penalty card, but can't decide which one? Just tap the Shuffle icon to "flip the coin" and let PenaltyFlip decide the color of the penalty card.

There is also a menu option for turning the full brightness of the screen when showing the penalty card.

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Features & Benefits


Watching a football match with your friends and think the referee was wrong and should have shown a red card instead? Pull out your mobiles and tap PenaltyFlip as an outlet of your rage.

Ready to try your luck as a referee at the next football match with your buddies? PenaltyFlip is ready to help you take the hard decisions.

Penalty cards are used in many sports: association football, athletics, badminton, bandy, fencing, handball, polo, rugby, volleyball, and many others.

Daily life

Just threw your boyfriend/girlfriend out because you caught him/her intimately chatting with someone else? Will you give another chance, or are you through? Let a penalty card show your decision.

Sitting in a bar with your friends and someone keeps trying to make eye-contact with you? Just show the red card on your 6 inch screen. It's a "get lost" message that is hard to ignore.


Android phones and tablets can make nice penalty card substitutes. Their large screens and bright colors catch attention immediately. PenaltyFlip turns your device into a truly full screen penalty card. Only 0.07 MB. No ads, no Internet, no permissions.

Last, but not least, PenaltyFlip is 100% open source. We look forward to your contributions!

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