Simple Color File

Save and share colors in tiny portable HTML files

For Windows. Open source on GitHub.

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BeepChecker is a tiny portable Windows program that plays the standard Windows beep sounds. It also lets you play custom beeps by generating simple tones on the speaker. Use it to familiarize yourself with the sound of the different standard beeps.


Turn your device into a bright and colorful, truly full screen penalty card. Useful for sports, work, or private life. Show a red card for ejection, a yellow card as a warning, or let PenaltyFlip help with the decision. Green, white, blue and black cards are also available.

Simple Color File

This tiny, free and open source Windows app lets you save colors to Simple Color Files. A Simple Color File is a tiny portable HTML file that can display its embedded color in any browser, PC, smartphone, or tablet. Easy to store, reuse, send and share.